Zamioculcas enthusiasts, are you eager to witness its robust growth and vibrant lushness? The secret lies in a daily cup of this remarkable ingredient that only seasoned experts know about. Get ready to transform your zamioculcas with this expert tip.


If you own a zamioculcas, whether for your love of gardening or interior design, you’re in for a treat. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, originating from Africa, has gained popularity in Europe for its distinctive appearance and exceptional properties.

Zamioculcas, an extremely resistant and very demanding plant

Its bright green leaves make it an eye-catching addition to any space. While it’s a hardy and undemanding plant, providing proper care is essential for its optimal health.


If you’ve noticed your zamioculcas appearing lackluster and struggling to thrive

For this revitalizing recipe, you’ll need a liter of water and small pieces of melon peel. Melon peel is rich in potassium, magnesium, and essential vitamins, fostering the plant’s robust growth. About 100g of melon peel will suffice. Blend the melon peel with water for approximately a minute, then strain the solution into a glass container, jar, or preferably, a spray bottle. Your natural fertilizer is now ready.

Water your plants with this solution, and you’ll witness the speedy rejuvenation of your zamioculcas, restoring its shine and lushness. You can apply this solution daily, ensuring the soil isn’t overly saturated. This technique, employed by seasoned green thumbs, works wonders in restoring the plant’s health and vigor. Have you heard of this trick before? Give it a try, and marvel at how melon peels bring your zamioculcas back to life with simplicity.

Evergreen plant

To ensure the longevity of your splendid plant, aside from proper watering, provide it with a secure environment. Zamioculcas thrives at a minimum temperature of 15 degrees and adapts well to both well-lit and shaded spaces. This versatile plant can thrive in various soil types, whether light, soft, or well-drained. To promote its growth, consider repotting every two or three years in the spring, ensuring a larger pot and covering the roots with soil after separating the tubers with a sharp knife. Regular watering completes this care routine for a thriving zamioculcas.