Both cats and dogs may exhibit indoor urination, often as a way to mark their territory. This behavior commonly targets walls, furniture, or new objects. To curb this tendency, especially in puppies and kittens, establishing an early routine is crucial. 

Cloves and soap

Ensure it’s not a medical issue by consulting a veterinarian. Implementing a routine, such as set times for walks or introducing a designated litter box or bed, helps them understand where it’s appropriate to relieve themselves.

If your pets persistently target specific spots, like a carpet or sofa, you can utilize a simple recipe to deter them from doing so again. Instead of resorting to harsh scolding, try this solution:

urinate in the house cat

Recipe to Prevent Indoor Urination:


  • Cloves
  • High-quality multipurpose disinfectant with a lemon fragrance
  • Coconut detergent
urinate in the house dog


  1. Prepare Clove Tea:
    • Mix 200 ml of hot water with 10 tablespoons of cloves.
    • Let it infuse and cool.
  2. Create the Solution:
    • Pour 200 ml of the clove tea into a container.
    • Add 200 ml of lemon all-purpose sanitizer.
    • Introduce 100 ml of coconut detergent.
    • Thoroughly mix the three components.
  3. Transfer to a Spray Bottle:
    • Use a funnel to pour the solution into a clean and washed spray bottle.
  4. Application:
    • Spritz the solution on areas where your pet usually urinates, such as carpets or floors.
    • The strong smell will discourage them from using those areas.
DIY solution against pee in the house

This method leverages the scent to deter pets from urinating in specific locations. The solution is cost-effective, utilizing common household items that can be repurposed. It’s a practical and economical way to address the issue while minimizing the need for expensive products.