An efficient and straightforward method enables you to provide water to your plants even when you’re away from home for an extended period.

Water the plants

Plant enthusiasts understand the importance of diligent watering to foster strong, lush growth and ensure the longevity of their plants. Caring for your plants demands dedication to fully appreciate their beauty. However, what can be done when circumstances force you to be away from home for an extended duration? While reaching out to trusted individuals for plant watering is an option, there’s also a self-sufficient method to ensure your plants receive the necessary hydration.

Watering Plants When Away: The Fail-Safe Method

To implement this method, you’ll need two plastic bottles—one larger and the other smaller. Begin by cutting the final part of the larger bottle, approximately six centimeters from the bottom. Next, position the smaller bottle vertically inside the lower portion of the larger bottle. Mark the maximum water level on the small bottle using a marker; this mark aligns with the height of the lower portion of the larger bottle.

Watering plants

Create a small square, half a centimeter below the marked line, preferably with a marker of a different color. Utilize a cutter to remove the plastic from this square, creating a small window for water to exit. Cut a 35-centimeter strip of fabric, placing it on a piece of aluminum foil. Wrap the aluminum foil around the strip, ensuring about 4 centimeters of fabric protrude from the wrapped aluminum. Fold the wrapped aluminum and place it inside the lower portion of the plastic bottle, alongside the smaller bottle.

The method is also perfect for pots

What you’re crafting is essentially a drip irrigation system. Position the base in the ground at a depth of about half a centimeter, placing the smaller plastic bottle filled with water inside. Water will flow out of the window, filling the lower part (acting as a tank). Insert the wrapped and folded aluminum inside the base, functioning as a sprinkler. Soon, water droplets will start emerging from the sprinkler, effectively watering the plants..

Watering plants

If you find that the watering is occurring too rapidly, you can regulate it. Simply tighten the wrapped foil further to slow down the water flow, ensuring proper watering. This method is equally suitable for potted plants, provided you use a small container to support the irrigation system. This ingenious idea allows you to go on holiday for several weeks without your plants suffering from neglect.