Discovering the optimal way to nourish an orchid is a well-guarded secret among seasoned nurserymen, and this ingredient promises to turn your orchid into a flourishing beauty that expresses its gratitude.

spoon and orchid

An orchid is not merely a sight of beauty and elegance; it demands continuous care and meticulous attention. It thrives in humid and sunny spaces, such as a laundry room or bathroom, requiring ample water for hydration but not too much to risk root rot. In essence, it poses both challenges and allure, making it a universally cherished plant. Experienced nurserymen have traditionally utilized a concealed ingredient to nurture orchids, and it’s now unveiled for everyone to use in their home.

Here’s how to create the nourishing solution:


  • Rice cooking water: 1 liter
  • Monopodic glutamate: 2/3 grams
  • Spray
  • Basin


  1. Take a basin and pour the rice cooking water into it.
  2. Add the monopodic glutamate to the water.
  3. Mix the ingredients thoroughly, ensuring a well-blended solution.
  4. Wet the soil of the orchids with the obtained solution.
  5. Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle to wet the leaves and stem.
  • Basin.
rice cooking water

Properties of Rice Water:

Rice cooking water is a valuable resource for all plants, particularly orchids. The concoction serves as an excellent watering solution, providing essential nutrients to the plant. It’s recommended to use this mixture once every two weeks to ensure the orchid receives the necessary nutrients without overdoing it, especially when the plant is not in a state of vegetative rest.

However, some conditions must be met for optimal use. It is crucial that the rice cooking water is not salty, as salted water may compromise the growth and well-being of the plant. Additionally, the cooking water should be completely cooled. Using hot or boiling water poses a risk of harming the plant.

healthy orchid

This method, when executed with precision, offers a nutrient-rich solution that mirrors the care of experts in the field, contributing to the overall health and vibrancy of the orchid.