To maintain the freshness of flowers throughout all seasons, a remarkably simple method involves just one capsule.

capsule for your flowers

As the spring season arrives, we witness the burst of colors marking the revival of flowers and plants, dominating the scene with elegance and beauty. Enthusiastic green thumbs often opt to enrich their homes and gardens with these green companions, enjoying their majesty while infusing brightness and vitality into their living spaces. Yet, for those who cultivate plants indoors or in their lawns, the ultimate goal is to keep flowers fresh in all seasons—a challenging task but certainly achievable.

Reviving Flowers with a Simple Tablet

Preserving the freshness of flowers is paramount to ensuring the longevity of our plants. This crucial step can be achieved with effective results through an infallible method, particularly beneficial for bonsai plants. Sometimes, the leaves of a plant may begin to yellow, losing their characteristic vitality. To halt this process and restore the plant to its former glory, relying on this solution becomes necessary. Applying this organic fertilizer regularly ensures the return of vibrancy to the plant and every corner of the house.

Yellowed plants

The process begins with acquiring a bowl, where approximately 250 ml of water is poured. An effervescent tablet is then dissolved in the bowl, playing a decisive role in plant care. Common aspirin contains a crucial substance, acetylsalicylic acid, acting as a panacea for our green friends. One tablet is sufficient to enhance the plant’s immune system, protecting it from insect and pest attacks, promoting faster germination, and ensuring a longer life.

Dissolving the tablet in the water creates a compound that enables plants to defend themselves against microbes, fostering strong and lush growth. After the tablet dissolves completely in the water, the plant that has lost freshness is carefully and gently watered, avoiding any potential damage. With proper irrigation, the benefits of this solution become evident in a short time. Once the soil of the targeted plant is evenly watered, it’s advisable to place the flower pot in a shaded area for one or two days following watering.

Fresh flowers

Over time, the results will be noticeable as the plant’s leaves regain strength, and the yellowing becomes a distant memory. Thanks to the effervescent tablet, which hinders the action of ethylene, wilting is blocked. Additionally, the tablet serves as an excellent pesticide and fungicide, enhancing the plant’s tolerance to drought.