Maintaining healthy orchids is made easy with just one cup of this homemade liquid—an excellent recommendation from expert nurserymen.

liquid for orchids

Cultivating a lasting and vibrant orchid can be challenging, but there are tricks to extend its lifespan for five years or more. A natural substance, rich in elements crucial for such a delicate plant, comes highly recommended by experienced nurserymen. They utilize this mixture regularly for their plants and suggest it even to those without a green thumb.

Ingredients for Orchid Health:

  1. An Apple
  2. An Aloe Vera Leaf


  1. Wash and cut the apple into chunks and do the same with the Aloe Vera leaf.
  2. Submerge the two natural ingredients in room temperature water.
  3. Allow the mixture to macerate for a few minutes, and the substance is ready.

Applying the Apple and Aloe Vera Substance:

Nurseries have discovered that the combination of these two ingredients provides optimal nourishment and delicate watering for orchids. The apple, rich in properties and vitamins, contains mineral salts that deeply nourish the plant. Choose a red and juicy apple to transfer maximum benefits to the orchid.

Aloe Vera, recognized for its natural antibacterial properties, repels bacteria and nourishes and hydrates various plants. Ideal for both gardens and people, Aloe Vera contributes to the health and beauty of plants.

Healthy orchid

Application Method:

  1. Filter the liquid after both ingredients have released their properties.
  2. Water the soil of the orchid immediately, even once a week (no contraindications).

Alternative Ingredients:

The apple can be substituted with apple cider or apple cider vinegar, both containing similar properties to protect and nourish the plant deeply. Regardless, the addition of Aloe Vera is essential.

apple with aloe

Given the delicacy of orchids, it is crucial to use only natural ingredients. Consult your trusted nurseryman for the best practices to ensure your orchid remains beautiful and healthy.