Can an orchid thrive without roots? Thanks to the onion, this plant can blossom with vibrant flowers.

Growing an onion

Being passionate about plants and orchids is truly fulfilling. However, these living beings require daily care, including nourishment, water, and attention. It’s not uncommon for horticulturists to find themselves caring for plants left unattended by their rightful owners. When faced with an orchid lacking roots, experts suggest a method involving onions to revive its vitality.

Orchids demand constant care, from proper watering to ideal placement. If an orchid without roots appears stagnant, horticulturists have devised a technique, demonstrated in video tutorials, to rejuvenate the plant and encourage blooming.

While it’s advisable to consult an expert to avoid causing harm to the plant, the general process involves cleaning the orchid of soil and removing dead roots. Subsequently, a liter of water and finely cut onion peel are combined in a container. The resulting fertilizer proves crucial for cultivating new roots and fostering the growth of vibrant flowers. The plant is then immersed in this mixture, covering only the root portion. Within two weeks, robust roots will emerge, signaling that the orchid can be repotted.

The use of onions for orchids may seem unconventional, but the benefits are noteworthy. The onion, often overlooked beyond the kitchen, possesses properties in its peel that can nourish and preserve various plants.

Orchid without roots

To create a potent natural fertilizer for plants, an onion infusion is highly effective. To prepare it, soak onion peels in a liter of water overnight, or boil them for 10 minutes for a quicker infusion. Strain the liquid, and the natural fertilizer is ready for use. This infusion can be applied directly to the soil, as the cut onion pieces release its beneficial properties into the plant’s surroundings.

Onion remedy for plants

In conclusion, the power of onion proves instrumental in helping orchids regain their beauty, producing vibrant flowers and robust roots.