Have you ever considered growing strawberries in tubes? Horticulture experts propose this unique and efficient technique for cultivating delectable strawberries, providing a direct journey from the producer to the consumer.

Strawberries in tube

Ideal for those with limited garden space, this straightforward and enjoyable method ensures the cultivation of the finest organic strawberries. Follow a few simple steps, and you’ll have a bountiful harvest.

Strawberries in tubes, the cultivation technique

Known as vertical cultivation, this technique comes highly recommended by seasoned nurserymen for nurturing healthy plants laden with flowers. Given the modest stature of strawberry plants, typically not exceeding 20 cm in height, and their deep root system, they prove excellent for pot cultivation, seamlessly adapting to a vertical garden.

The cultivation process involves using a PVC pipe, which not only prevents space invasion but also accommodates numerous seedlings. This method is particularly suited for those aspiring to cultivate a small herb garden on their balcony, yielding a rich harvest of organic and sweet strawberries.

Strawberries in tube

In this form of cultivation, a recycled PVC plastic tube or a specialized one, obtainable from nurseries, is employed. The crucial aspect is its correct diameter, catering to the strawberries’ needs for vertical development. Additional support is unnecessary; however, a saucer is recommended for draining excess water.

Experts advise creating a strawberry-filled garden by making cuts in the upper tube, spaced 10 cm apart. Subsequently, heat the pipe and fashion small balconies using pieces of wood. Conclude the cuts by smoothing them with sandpaper.


Red strawberries

Strawberries in the tube, cultivation method

Cultivating strawberries at home is simple, but it requires a consistent water supply when using this technique. In their natural habitat, strawberries thrive in undergrowth, favoring areas with protected lighting, occasionally basking in direct sunlight. The strawberry tube need not be consistently in direct sunlight but placed in an intermediate area to foster healthy cultivation and growth.

Experts further recommend covering the entire soil with mulch to maintain constant moisture, preventing the fruits from encountering excess humidity. Despite the confined space in the tube, specially formulated soils, often incorporating an additional layer of straw, are available.

Growing strawberries

Regularly apply fertilizer, monitoring and addressing any potential water stagnation that may develop over time. Witness the delightful sight of strawberries gradually ascending the tube, growing vertically, feeling sheltered, and receiving continuous nourishment.