Create a Powerful Natural Fertilizer for Your Garden with Two Common Ingredients

Egg shells and bananas
Frequently, non-natural plant fertilizers laden with preservatives and chemicals are utilized. However, industry experts recommend using only natural fertilizers for plants. Everyday ingredients hold properties and benefits that can nourish plants effectively. When combined, two specific ingredients become a potent formula suitable for various plant types.

Which Two Ingredients Work as Powerful Fertilizers?

Nature provides an array of ingredients that serve not only as food but also as nourishment for vegetable and garden plants. Two standout ingredients, when combined, contribute to the strength and health of plants.

eggshell fertilizer
  • Egg Shells:
    • Egg shells, often discarded, are a rich source of calcium crucial for plant health.
    • Dry the egg shells in the sun and grind them into a fine flour for easy use.
  • Banana Peels:
    • Banana peels, frequently discarded, offer a unique supply of minerals like potassium and magnesium essential for plant nourishment and growth.
    • Transform banana peels into fertilizer by placing small pieces directly in the soil or boiling them for about an hour to create a nutrient-rich liquid.
Banana fertilizer

With egg shells on one side and banana peels on the other, both commonly disposed of as waste, these two ingredients can be preserved and intelligently combined to form a potent fertilizer for both the vegetable garden and garden.

Creating the Powerful Natural Fertilizer:

  1. Prepare the Ingredients:
    • Dry egg shells and blend them into a soft flour.
    • Boil banana peels for an hour, then let them macerate overnight.
  2. Combine the Ingredients:
    • Take the eggshell flour and place it in a container.
    • Filter the liquid obtained from banana peels and add it to the container, mixing until a unified solution is achieved.
  3. Enhance with Coffee Grounds:
    • To further boost the solution, add coffee grounds, another natural ingredient often discarded as waste.


Fertilizer for plants

These three ingredients together create a nutrient-rich substance abundant in vitamins and mineral salts beneficial for all plants. Apply the solution directly to the soil and repeat the process every month for optimal plant nourishment.