Nature, a marvel to behold, demands our utmost respect and care. This principle holds especially true for gardening enthusiasts, as plants, akin to us, require proper nourishment. 

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Let’s delve into the realm of Epipremnum fertilization to discover the most suitable nourishment.

Everyone possesses unique passions, and it’s crucial to allocate time for their cultivation. Hobbies, serving as fountains of relaxation and well-being, offer the necessary sensations to disconnect and recharge for daily commitments. Gardening stands out as one of the most beloved and soothing pastimes.

Many individuals cherish surrounding themselves with flowers and plants, not only to connect with nature but also to impart an elegant, joyful, and refined ambiance to their homes or gardens. Achieving healthy, lush, and, ideally, rapid plant growth demands considerable care, dedication, and the use of suitable products.

Epipremnum: Optimal Fertilizer Choice

Enter Epipremnum, a visually captivating plant with a steady growth process. By employing a specific fertilizer, the plant not only experiences accelerated growth but also undergoes significant improvements in health, leaf, and branch appearance.


For plants, fertilizer serves as nourishment, emphasizing the need for high-quality products. In the case of Epipremnum, the most effective fertilizer for fostering strength and lushness is urea, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

To administer this fertilizer, dissolve a teaspoon of urea (approximately 6g) in a liter of water. Apply a measured amount directly onto the soil, ensuring it is just sufficient. This allows the product to act through the roots, nourishing the plant and promoting rapid growth.

Given urea’s high nitrogen concentration, it should only be applied to the plant once a month and in moderate quantities.

Alternative Urea Application Method

Beyond direct soil application, the water and urea solution can also be applied to the leaves of the Epipremnum, allowing direct absorption. To implement this method, repurpose the remaining compost solution used for watering by transferring it to a spray container.

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Simply spray the water and urea solution onto the leaves, witnessing the accelerated growth of Epipremnum facilitated by this fertilizer.

A crucial reminder is to avoid excessive urea application, as the accumulated nitrogen concentration may lead to potential harm to the plant over time.