Geraniums grace many Italian balconies with their vibrant colors, and here’s a trick to make them thrive.

makeup for geraniums

Cherished for their ease of cultivation and vibrant hues, geraniums are a favorite among those with or without a green thumb. These outdoor beauties, also known as Pelargonium, are renowned for their resilience and are native to South Africa. Imported to Europe from this region, they have proliferated, especially in the Mediterranean area.

Geraniums: characteristics and properties

Geraniums come in various species, each boasting distinctive colors and scents. While generally easy to grow, some precautions should be observed. Pay attention to the climate, as intense cold is poorly tolerated, with a minimum temperature of two degrees. Consider the exposure, favoring partial shade over full sun or shade to avoid uneven flowering. Well-drained soil is essential for their health.


Now, here’s the trick to ensure your geraniums bloom consistently.

The Trick to Proliferation: To encourage year-round blooming, employ two simple tricks. The first involves using iodine tincture, typically used for wound care. Add one drop of iodine tincture for every liter of clean water in a bottle, shaking well. This iodine mixture helps prevent plant diseases. Apply it through regular watering, using 50/100 ml at a time along the pot’s soil border. Exercise caution not to use excessive iodine to avoid root damage. Repeat this water and iodine treatment periodically for a month.

geraniums how to make them proliferate

Another effective trick involves an aspirin tablet. Dissolve the aspirin in water using a spray bottle, and then mix it with a liter of water. Shake the contents well for the aspirin to dissolve completely. The salicylic acid in aspirin strengthens roots, promoting plant proliferation. Spray the water and aspirin solution on geraniums for a week. Besides encouraging growth, aspirin also helps prevent harmful fungi, ensuring the overall health of your plants. It’s a true elixir not just for geraniums but also for other non-flowering plants. Witness the results for yourself!