Unlock the Secret to Infinite Rose Multiplication Using a Banana

Roses, how to multiply them infinitely with a banana

Roses, with their unparalleled beauty and symbolic significance, are often a challenging flower to care for, requiring meticulous attention to ensure their longevity. Belonging to the Rosaceae family, roses boast diverse species, each unique in its characteristics and colors, presenting both natural and hybrid varieties.

Characterized by woody stems, which can be climbing or erect, and a stem with thorns known as the “sting,” roses exhibit a variety of leaves and hues. Despite their enchanting allure, maintaining the vitality of roses can be tricky, often resulting in faded rose gardens or wilting blooms over time.


However, an unconventional yet effective solution exists to address this common issue: the infinite multiplication of roses using a simple ingredient—a banana. This miraculous method involves cutting rose stems and inserting them into a perforated banana. The banana, placed within a jar and covered with soil, is watered generously three times a week for two months.

After this period, an incredible transformation unfolds—the roots of the roses start to grow and strengthen. The decomposed banana, rich in phosphorus and potassium, releases essential nutrients, fostering robust root development. At this stage, the roots are carefully removed from the soil and banana, then transferred to another pot, covered with soil, and watered.

The magic begins to unfold, with numerous rose shoots sprouting in the vase after a few weeks. This extraordinary technique harnesses the nutrient-rich properties of the banana to facilitate endless rose multiplication—an innovation that remains largely unknown to many gardening enthusiasts.

While some opt for traditional fertilizers or artificial additives to nurture flowers and plants, this simple banana-centric approach offers a natural alternative. Additionally, various other household items can replace conventional fertilizers, such as used tea bags, eggshells, and apple cider vinegar.

How to multiply roses with a banana

Used tea bags, often discarded after brewing, can be placed in the ground to enhance soil acidity and accelerate rose growth, thanks to the tannin they contain. Eggshells, rich in calcium, act as natural fertilizers when crushed and added to the soil. Another remarkable ingredient, apple cider vinegar, lowers the soil’s pH, fostering quick rose growth.

However, it’s essential not to overuse these remedies, as excess application may have adverse effects. Embracing these natural alternatives eliminates the need for toxic or chemical fertilizers, allowing for remarkable results in a short time.

Beyond these remedies, consistent and appropriate watering remains crucial for rose care. Roses, particularly in warmer months, require watering at least twice a day every week. In winter, watering twice a week is generally sufficient, and exposure to rainwater is beneficial, as it serves as a natural boon for these exquisite blooms.