Create a potent homemade fertilizer using just two ingredients that will work wonders in revitalizing your plants.

Powerful homemade fertilizer

Discover the two extraordinary components that can breathe new life into your plants effortlessly. Even those plants that have suffered from extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can experience a remarkable rejuvenation with this exceptionally effective natural fertilizer.

Addressing Withered Plants: Essential Precautions

Maintaining a beautiful and well-tended garden or balcony is a common desire. A crucial step toward achieving this is proper care for your plants. Withered plants are not an ideal representation of your green space, and adopting a few precautions can restore them to their vibrant state.

First and foremost, ensure you provide your plants with the right amount of water to nourish them adequately. Additionally, plant them in areas where they receive ample sunlight without excessive wind exposure. Consider the type of soil and fertilizer needed for optimal plant growth.

Withered plants

In this regard, we present an incredible recipe for a natural fertilizer that you can prepare at home with just two readily available ingredients.

Homemade Fertilizer with Oats and Lentils

Embark on making a fertilizer using oats and lentils, a potent blend that works wonders for reviving wilted plants.


  1. Blend lentils and incorporate oats into the mix.
  2. Place the combined ingredients in a pot filled with hot water and bring it to a boil.
  3. After boiling, let the mixture cool and strain it through a sieve into a bottle.
  4. Optionally, add a spray nozzle to the bottle for direct application onto the plant’s soil.
  5. Alternatively, dilute the fertilizer in the water used for regular plant watering.
Fertilizer with oats and lentils

Repeat this process consistently over a week to ensure the quick and effective revival of your plants.

This powerful fertilizer harnesses the beneficial properties of oats, rich in minerals like potassium, and the growth-promoting attributes of lentils. The legumes function as natural growth hormones, fostering lush growth even in plants affected by adverse weather conditions.

Apply this oat and lentil fertilizer to all your plants to witness its transformative effects. By doing so, you not only save money previously spent on expensive chemical fertilizers but also contribute to environmental well-being by avoiding harmful pollutants.