Say Goodbye to Aphids with this Natural Powder: Chili Powder Solution

Plant aphids

If you’re dealing with an aphid infestation on your plants, worry not. There’s a natural powder readily available in your kitchen that can effectively eliminate them. Say farewell to aphids, parasites, bedbugs, and beetles with this cost-effective and simple solution.

Aphids are tiny insects that feed on the lifeblood of plants, posing a threat to the plant’s health and potentially leading to its demise. Identifying them can be challenging due to their size, often resulting in delayed intervention. To combat this issue, we present a natural ingredient that not only eradicates aphids but also serves as a preventive measure.

Plant aphids

The key ingredient you need is chili powder, containing the alkaloid capsaicin, which acts as an insecticide. This powder is highly effective in repelling and eliminating pests and aphids upon contact with the plant. Here’s how you can use it to bid adieu to plant aphids.

Goodbye to plant aphids: you just need this ingredient


  1. Take a liter of warm water and add half a teaspoon of chili powder.
  2. Mix thoroughly until the chili powder dissolves completely.
  3. Add a couple of drops of mild natural soap to enhance adherence to the plants.
  4. Stir well and let the solution rest for 48 hours.
  5. After two days, filter the solution. You can use it as is or dilute it in additional water. For beginners, dilution is recommended, as the concentrate is potent.
  6. Spray the solution on the plants as needed.


Chili powder

Additional Natural Remedies Against Aphids:

If chili powder isn’t your preferred choice, there are alternative natural remedies to eliminate aphids from plants:

  1. Neem Oil: A natural insecticide that disinfects and kills aphids while preventing their spread.
  2. Marseille Soap: Create a mixture of soap and water, spraying it on the leaves to kill and prevent the spread of aphids.
  3. Onion Decoction: Boil two onion skins in 500 ml of water, allow it to cool, strain, and spray the solution on the plants.
  4. Garlic: Plant garlic cloves in the soil halfway between the pot and the stem of the plant, acting as a natural pesticide.
Other remedies for aphids
  • Choose the remedy that suits you best and watch as your plants thrive, free from the menace of aphids and other pests.