Discover the unexpected practice of planting a rose inside a tomato and the compelling reasons why everyone is giving it a try. The effects may surprise you after just a short wait.

Pink in the tomato

Optimal Rose Growing Tips

Roses stand out as one of the most enchanting flowers suitable for our gardens or balconies. To ensure their optimal growth and beauty, it’s essential to follow some tips. Roses are not particularly fond of cold temperatures or frost, making it necessary to cultivate them during the warmer seasons of spring and summer. In colder months, thermal containers can provide insulation against low temperatures.

Roses inside a glass

In certain regions, autumn cultivation is advisable, as the soil retains the warmth accumulated during summer, fostering lush growth for the following spring. It’s crucial to note that some roses may not tolerate excessive heat and southern exposure. As a general guideline, keeping plants in a cool, airy location—away from harsh weather and extreme heat—is recommended.

For those interested in cultivating climbing rose plants, avoiding direct planting near walls is advised, as the soil near walls tends to be too dry, hindering the plant’s luxuriant growth. Planting them approximately 30 centimeters away is optimal.

The Peculiar Trend: Planting a Rose Inside a Tomato

The current trend of planting a rose inside a tomato has gained popularity due to the beneficial effects it imparts, resulting in stronger and more luxuriant growth.

To experiment with this practice, follow these steps:

  1. Cut rose branches from your plants, ensuring they are approximately 20 centimeters in length.
  2. Remove thorns from the branches.
  3. Cut a tomato and create a wedge.
  4. Insert the rose branch into the center of the tomato and bury the fruit, covering it entirely.
planting rose inside tomato

After a while, you’ll observe a revitalized rose: healthier leaves and more vivid colors. Approximately a month and a half later, you can uproot the rose and relocate it to an area with more space. At this point, you’ll notice that the branch has developed ample roots, rendering it an entirely independent plant. Repeat this technique with all the rose plants in your home or garden, and you’ll witness its beneficial effects almost instantly and continuing to unfold even after a few months.