Achieving a perennial and robust cyclamen is easier than you think—give it a try right away.

Perennial and vigorous cyclamen

This exquisite plant can adorn your home with warm, vibrant colors throughout the year. While it’s crucial to heed the advice of nursery experts for proper care, there’s a remarkably easy method that few are aware of, ensuring a vigorous and enduring plant. Imagine having a consistently healthy cyclamen at home; let the experts guide you.

Cyclamen Characteristics

Cyclamen, a splendid autumn plant belonging to the Primulaceae and Myrsinaceae families, is known for its resilience and rapid growth. The bushy plant produces delicate flowers ranging from pink and white to purple and intense bright red. Blooming starts in September and continues through April.


The flowers, some scented and others single, may exhibit varied curling patterns depending on the plant type. Dark green leaves feature an elegantly white-stained upper part with red streaks on the lower side. The intriguing name, derived from Greek, translates to “circle,” reflecting the unprecedented round shape of its roots. Native to Mediterranean regions, cyclamen is remarkably easy to cultivate, making it suitable even for those without an advanced green thumb.

Lush, Perennial Cyclamen – Essential Tips

As the star of autumn, placing cyclamen correctly is crucial, with one particular ingredient not to be underestimated by nursery experts—essential for its beauty, health, and perennial nature.

The pot’s size is significant and should be selected based on the plant’s dimensions. For continuous flowering, opt for a small pot and gradually upgrade it as the plant grows. Choosing the right soil is equally crucial, especially if growing cyclamen in pots. Incorporate shredded tree bark into sphagnum moss, creating a mixture that retains water, ensuring proper soil moisture without the risk of waterlogging.

To foster health, beauty, and strength, employ a fertilizer enriched with potassium and phosphorus three times a week. Additionally, water the plant wisely—either immerse it in room temperature water for 30 minutes or simulate a gentle waterfall by watering from top to bottom.

Cyclamen in white pot

Healthiness extends beyond appearance; the leaves serve as indicators of potential discomfort or diseases. If the lush green color starts fading, it’s a signal to consult an expert promptly.