Discover the cost-free miracle fertilizer that will revive your orchids and enhance their blooming. Read on to learn how to create a natural fertilizer that will significantly boost the growth of your orchids.

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Promoting Lush Growth in Orchids:

Orchids are exquisite plants that demand meticulous care for optimal growth. To begin, it is crucial to avoid overwatering, especially during the night and midday, as orchids are susceptible to thermal shock during these periods—a sudden contrast between water temperature and the ambient temperature.

Proper watering technique involves moistening only the soil or saucer. If you notice the leaves becoming dirty, a recommended cleaning solution is a mixture of 70 ml of water and 30 ml of whole milk. The proteins in milk effectively cleanse the plant and act as a deterrent against fungal attacks.


Creating a Natural Fertilizer:

The miracle fertilizer is crafted using four cloves of garlic soaked in hot water. Some prefer removing the garlic after infusion, while others leave the cloves. The key is allowing the infusion to rest for a minimum of 24 hours, ensuring the water absorbs all the nutrient-rich properties of garlic.

How to make orchids bloom again

For enhanced potency, let the infusion rest in darkness. Once prepared, apply the fertilizer to your plants, alternating it with regular watering. Crucially, when using garlic-infused fertilizer, avoid wetting the leaves; instead, focus on moistening the soil around the roots. Ensure there is no water stagnation after each application.

Natural fertilizer for orchids

To check for stagnation, examine the saucer where excess water collects during watering. While leaving some water in the saucer is acceptable for plant absorption, prolonged water presence indicates overwatering. With the nutrient-rich garlic infusion, moderation is key.

This fertilizer is recommended for use approximately once a week. However, note that the presented method is not the sole means of applying fertilizer to your orchids. If your orchid boasts numerous aerial roots, consider using a spray bottle for targeted watering. Gradually, you’ll witness a transformation in your plant, particularly in the leaves transitioning from a dull gray to a vibrant emerald green.