Learn the gardening technique employed by experts for propagating orchids using flower twigs, allowing for immediate and unique plant growth right at home.

Orchid in a jar

Orchids, renowned for their elegance and sophistication, are often chosen as gifts symbolizing purity. Various types are available, each boasting harmonious colors and a graceful stem, conveying sentiments ranging from love and gratitude to purity, innocence, prosperity, and happiness, depending on the chosen color.

Orchids, an ideal refined gift for any occasion

While these exquisite plants make for ideal gifts, proper care is essential for their preservation. Orchids demand attention, and expert advice is recommended for optimal placement and watering frequency. Beyond basic care, there are methods to efficiently and swiftly propagate them.

The propagation process varies for different plant types, requiring precise application based on the specific species. For propagating orchids using flower twigs directly, a simple yet effective method involves utilizing soil and a plastic bottle, incorporating nutrients derived from potato or banana peels.

method for orchids

To begin, cut the stem with a sharp cutter, yielding small sprouts. Subsequently, place the stem in a plastic bottle or glass jar filled with soil enriched with potato peels. Add water, and gently rub the stem with a cotton ball for disinfection, ensuring freedom from bacteria.

Seal both ends of the stem with candle wax, covering the entire setup with transparent film. Introduce small holes in the plastic using a toothpick and position the assembly in a well-lit, humid location with a temperature of approximately 25°C. Regularly spray water and maintain hydration daily. After a mere four months, witness the elegant sprouting of the plant, and feel free to repeat the process indefinitely.


Exercise caution to avoid exposing the seedling to direct sunlight throughout its growth. With this method, you can successfully propagate orchids at home, enjoying the pleasure of cultivating new seedlings without the need for additional purchases.