In recent years, orchids have gained significant popularity as decorative elements in our homes. 

Lush orchids

Discover the best practices to ensure their vitality below.

Orchids: fascinating characteristics

Orchids, originally from tropical regions, were traditionally cultivated in greenhouses or hot, humid environments. Over time, advancements in hybridization have allowed the adaptation of many orchid varieties to European climates, characterized by milder temperatures. Scientists have developed new hybrids that are more resilient and easier to propagate.


The name “orchid” has Latin origins, meaning testicles, referring to noticeable tubercles at the base of terrestrial species found in Italy’s mountains or hills. Orchids, admired for their beauty, boast colorful flowers and attractive leaves with a fleshy consistency, varying in shape from whole to oval or ribbon-like.

Distinctive features include flowers composed of three sepals at the top and three petals at the bottom, with the central petal called the labellum. Orchid roots are aerial and fleshy, designed to absorb moisture from the air and surfaces they cling to.

Contrary to the misconception that orchids are difficult to care for, they require minimal attention to thrive. Additionally, a helpful trick is about to be revealed for maintaining healthy and lush orchids.

Promoting Vigorous Orchids with a Simple Ingredient

If your orchids haven’t bloomed, they might benefit from a change in their environment. Orchids typically bloom during seasonal transitions. However, there’s a natural ingredient that can stimulate orchid proliferation by enhancing root growth.

Surprisingly, the common kitchen ingredient garlic comes to the rescue. Garlic powder, known for its antibacterial properties protecting plants from fungi and insects, can be applied to orchids. It helps eliminate dead roots and leaves.

Healthy orchids

To use garlic as a liquid nutrient, place a spoonful of garlic powder in a glass, pour boiling water over it, and mix thoroughly. After letting the mixture cool, use five tablespoons of the garlic-infused water for medium-sized orchids. Repeat this process every two weeks, being cautious not to overfeed the orchids with liquid, as it may hinder the desired results. This simple trick ensures your orchids remain healthy and vibrant.