Achieving a year-round display of vibrant, healthy orchids is a delightful endeavor, and the secret lies in a simple weekly process. Follow these steps to witness the beauty of flourishing orchids in your home.


Orchids, beloved by green thumb enthusiasts, can sometimes pose a challenge in maintaining their beauty and vitality. Fortunately, there’s a remedy to keep them thriving for an entire year, and we’re here to share it with you.

Orchids characteristics and other properties

Characteristics and Properties of Orchids: Belonging to the monocotyledon family, which includes 25,000 species, orchids are favorites among flower growers, cherished in countries like Spain and Italy. While they flourish in warm climates, they struggle to thrive in extremely cold or arid regions. Orchids boast varied morphologies, with sizes ranging from a few millimeters to an impressive 13.4 meters, exemplified by the Sobralia altissima species. Some orchids can even weigh up to 100 kg, such as the Grammatophyllum species. Beyond their size, the pleasant aroma of orchids adds to their extraordinary allure. Available in various colors, the purple orchid is a common favorite, but there are also symbolic shades like the blue orchid representing harmony, the pink symbolizing love, and the green orchid as a beacon of hope.


Caring for Orchids: Caring for orchids can be demanding, and mistakes in watering, light exposure, or humidity levels may lead to the untimely demise of these plants. However, there’s a solution to ensure their health and lush appearance for an entire year by incorporating a simple weekly process.

Epsom Salt: The Key Ingredient: Epsom salt, also known as bitter salt, proves to be a super fertilizer, rich in sulfur and magnesium—ideal for enhancing orchid growth. Incorporating this single ingredient into your orchid care routine can make a remarkable difference.

Weekly Care Process: Once a week, add half a glass of Epsom salt to the orchid’s soil. Thoroughly rake the soil to ensure complete absorption. This routine application of Epsom salt fosters not only stunning flower production but also lush foliage throughout the year.


Additional Care Tips: Consider crucial factors such as temperature and light for optimal orchid care. Orchids can endure temperatures between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius, with an ideal range between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. While orchids thrive in light, avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage to flowers and leaves. When watering, steer clear of tap water rich in limescale; instead, use purified water and water your orchids early in the morning.

Epsom salt

With these simple steps and the power of Epsom salt, you can enjoy the beauty of your orchids for a full 12 months. Embrace this accessible solution and watch your orchids flourish year-round!