Ensure the Well-being of Your Orchids Before Going on Vacation

Flowering orchids

Before embarking on your holiday adventure, it’s crucial not to overlook the care of your orchids. Orchids demand specific attention, and neglect during your absence may lead to an unfortunate outcome. Unlike many plants, orchids require meticulous care to prevent dehydration and ensure their vitality.

Initially considered elite plants due to their tropical origins and specific climate needs, orchids have become more accessible and adapted to various conditions, including those found in European households. While some varieties are hardier, others still necessitate attentive care.

pink orchid

If your vacation extends beyond 7 days, it’s advisable to arrange for a friend or relative to water your orchids to prevent them from suffering due to dehydration. However, for shorter vacations, you can prepare your orchids for your absence with a few simple tips:

  1. Watering from Below: Before leaving, thoroughly water your orchids using the immersion method. Place the orchid in a basin of water for at least half an hour, allowing it to absorb water through the pot’s drainage holes. This helps the plant remain moist for an extended period.
  2. Increasing Light Exposure: Orchids typically prefer partial shade and indirect sunlight. A few days before your departure, expose them to sunlight for a few hours to “recharge” their energy. Ensure the exposure is indirect to avoid the risk of burning.
  3. Avoiding Darkness: Orchids are indoor plants but require light for sustenance. Never leave them in complete darkness, even for a few days, as this could lead to their demise. When closing shutters for your vacation, leave some space for light to enter the room where the orchids are located, ensuring the continuity of the photosynthesis process.
  4. Providing an Energy Boost: The day before your departure, fertilize your orchids with a suitable fertilizer. Opt for a fertilizer containing potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, diluted in water and poured into the plant. This extra energy boost helps sustain the orchid during your absence.
  • For vacations exceeding 7 days without a caretaker, consider the thread trick. Utilize woven cotton threads, placing one end in the soil and the other in a water basin. The soaked threads gradually supply water to the plant, preventing it from experiencing thirst during your prolonged absence.

    By following these precautions, you can ensure the well-being of your orchids and return from your vacation to find them thriving, not wilted.