Numerous methods exist for nurturing orchids, but one stands out as particularly effective — the use of eggshells. 


Orchids, admired for their subtle elegance, find a place in households globally, often serving as gifts for various occasions. Despite their unassuming appearance, orchids require careful attention to thrive, making the utilization of eggshells a valuable resource.

Eggshells for caring for orchids

Specifically, the Paphiopedilum variety, renowned for its stunning foliage and long-lasting flowers in various colors, benefits significantly from proper care. Orchids, in general, can be sensitive to acidic substrates, and here’s where eggshells play a pivotal role.

Instead of discarding used eggshells, consider grinding them into a fine powder. Add seven grams per liter of substrate to neutralize acidity and provide a calcium boost, promoting optimal orchid growth.


Egg shells

Creating eggshell fertilizer is a sustainable approach. Crumbling eggshells and scattering them under plants contributes calcium to the soil as they gradually dissolve, supporting plant growth. To deter slugs, crushed eggshells can be sprinkled around the orchid’s base.

Alternatively, air-dry eggshells, grind them into a fine powder, and use it directly around orchids or mix it into the soil during planting, especially effective for potted plants.


For a liquid fertilizer solution, pour boiling water over eggshells, letting the mixture stand for about an hour with occasional stirring. Once the eggshells have melted, shake the solution for proper mixing. Apply the resulting liquid fertilizer directly to the soil or spray it onto your orchids for optimal results in fostering healthy and lush growth.