To ensure year-round lush growth of flowers, you can follow this simple method with the following steps.

Cup in the flowers

As May heralds the arrival of spring, nature blossoms into a breathtaking display of colors with flowers and plants taking center stage. Many enthusiasts choose to adorn their gardens and indoor spaces with these natural wonders, opting for some of the most captivating and delightful flowers. However, maintaining the luxuriant growth and continuous blooming of flowers requires dedicated care for your green companions. Fortunately, there is a method that promotes constant flowering throughout the year.

Implementing this Method – All You Need

Consider orchids, elegant flowers often found gracing gardens and interior spaces. Orchids, known for their beauty and intoxicating fragrance, can bring a burst of color to every corner of your home. But how can you ensure that orchids produce abundant buds and bloom consistently all year round? Surprisingly, there’s a highly effective method to achieve this.

Orchid flowers

Begin by obtaining an onion and extracting its peel, which contains vital elements such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, providing antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. Onion peel proves to be an ideal ingredient for promoting rapid orchid growth.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Place the onion skins inside a glass container.
  2. Pour half a liter of boiled water into the container.
  3. Allow the water to cool down.


  1. Take rice, another extraordinary element containing potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.
  2. Add five tablespoons of rice to a liter of room-temperature water.
  3. Filter the rice water using a sieve, transferring it to another container.

Combine the onion peel solution with the filtered rice water:

  1. Filter the onion peel solution carefully and add it to the container with filtered rice water.
  2. Mix thoroughly to create a nutrient-rich mixture for orchids before fertilization.

Before applying the mixture, moisten the orchid leaves by lightly spraying water on them. Additionally, pour some water into the orchid soil to enhance fertilizer absorption. Allow around thirty minutes for the roots to turn green before applying the fertilizer.

Apply the fertilizer:

  1. Apply the solution using a cotton pad, ensuring it reaches the leaves.
  2. This method protects orchid leaves from insects and fungi while providing an abundance of vitamins.

Minerals act as exceptional allies for healthier and stronger leaves. Alternatively, you can:

  1. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and mist it onto the leaves once or twice a month.
  2. Ensure misting under the leaves to effectively combat fungi and parasites.
  3. Pour the solution into the vase’s soil to promote rapid growth, toning and strengthening the leaves.

By following this straightforward method, your orchids will flourish with vibrant blooms, resistant to pests and fungi, and enriched with essential nutrients.