This highly effective method brings orchids back to life with a simple remedy that can be easily made at home—seeing is believing.

ingredients in the plant

As the summer months return, nature reclaims every corner, filling spaces with color, beauty, and brightness. Many individuals choose to enhance their living spaces with beautiful plants, which can be found adorning windowsills, balconies, and gardens. Among the favored plants, orchids stand out, releasing splendid flowers with a fresh and intense scent. While orchids are traditionally outdoor plants, they have increasingly become popular for interior decoration due to their extraordinary elegance.

To bring orchids back to life and ensure they express their maximum potential, they require detailed care and maintenance. Providing the right nourishment is crucial to prevent them from falling ill. While some may rely on market products to revitalize orchids, it’s advisable to opt for natural remedies that can be quickly prepared at home. Surprisingly, common kitchen ingredients can work wonders in rejuvenating orchids.


Peas, for instance, offer exceptional properties for this purpose, being rich in vitamins (including B1, B3, and B5), magnesium, phosphorus, and mineral salts. To utilize peas in this remedy, take 100 grams of peas and place them in a jug, adding a liter of warm water. Cover the jug with a cap and let it sit in the dark for about 12 hours.

After this period, pour all contents into a blender and blend until a liquid is obtained. Filter the mixture using a sieve, resulting in a liquid substance that should be poured into a larger container. Add three liters of room temperature water to this container to create the required solution.

Watering orchids

The beneficial properties of peas act as an excellent organic fertilizer, enhancing the resistance of orchids and protecting them from pests and diseases. Now, you can proceed with watering by pouring the solution onto the orchid’s growing medium to provide maximum nourishment.

As an alternative, pour some of the leftover liquid into a spray bottle and use it to spray the remedy on the base and surface of the orchid’s growing medium. Crucially, avoid spraying the solution on the flowers, as the starch from the peas could potentially damage them. Witness the rejuvenation as your orchids come back to life.