In this article, we’ll provide targeted advice on naturally propagating geraniums and ensuring their luxuriant growth using a simple leaf trick.

Caring for geraniums

Many individuals cultivate geraniums on their windowsills, balconies, or gardens, provided they receive ample sunlight throughout the day. Thriving best in mild climates with temperatures between 15° and 25°, geraniums, with their fragrant and colorful flowers, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Renowned for their fertility, geraniums also serve as natural mosquito repellents, a valuable trait during the warm and humid months of summer. Additionally, geranium extracts find application in cosmetics for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

This article explores a foolproof method for continuously enjoying luxuriant geraniums: propagation through the reliable leaf-cutting technique.

How to Propagate Geraniums Indefinitely: The Infallible Method for Luxuriant Growth

We’ll delve into the details of geranium proliferation through the cutting method, demonstrating how, in less than 40 days, the first leaves can sprout, a technique commonly employed in the gardening sector. Ensuring well-moistened soil is crucial for success. Here’s the step-by-step guide on achieving thriving geraniums.


Propagation by cuttings is a reliable trick for the proliferation of various plants, including geraniums. In essence, a fragment of the plant—whether a leaf, twig, or root—is cut and planted in the soil. This technique enables the continuous growth of lush geraniums by generating a new plant through replenishing from the mother plant. Widely adopted for its natural approach to propagation and preservation of a specific plant’s vegetative properties, this method ensures the perpetuity of geraniums.

The leaf technique

To create a new geranium plant, initiate the process by obtaining a cutting—whether a twig or a leaf—from the original geranium. You’ll need a pot and soil to grow the cutting. Opt for a soft, florid branch with a greenish hue for better results. The application of cinnamon on the cut made with shears can prevent damage to the plant. After these preliminary steps, pot the new cutting in a moderately sized container with well-draining soil.

Lush geranium

Here’s the breakdown of the correct procedure:

  1. Generate a Cutting: Choose a healthy twig or leaf from the original geranium.
  2. Cinnamon Application: Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the cut to protect the plant.
  3. Potting the Cutting: Use a moderately sized pot with well-draining soil.
  4. Moisture Management: Keep the soil consistently moist without allowing stagnation.
  5. Light Exposure: Provide adequate light, avoiding direct sunlight in the initial weeks.
  6. Root Development: After 15-20 days, when the cutting develops roots, transplant it into a larger pot.
  7. Leaf Appearance: In a few more weeks, the new geranium will exhibit its first leaves.

This natural method of proliferation ensures your geraniums will remain luxuriant and thriving.