For those who adore the peace lily, here’s a natural method to ensure the plant continues blooming for many years.

Lily of peace

Personalizing our home takes little effort, transforming it into a welcoming haven that reflects our style. Adding details that not only speak of us but also create a place of the heart contributes to a sense of peace and serenity when returning home. Surrounding ourselves with furnishings, paintings, photographs, and design accessories certainly plays a role, but nature has a unique power to enhance everything. Indoor flowers and plants, such as the peace lily with its dark green leaves and exquisite white flowers, fill spaces with refinement and elegance, creating a complete, harmonious, and profoundly relaxing habitat.

The peace lily, known for symbolizing good luck and peace, thrives in enclosed spaces. Taking care of it and ensuring continuous flourishing is easier than imagined, and the secret lies in a specific ingredient.

Growing and Nourishing the Peace Lily

While the peace lily is an excellent decorative piece, the natural lifespan of its flowers is limited. However, with proper nourishment, the flowers can endure longer, allowing the plant to grow healthily and naturally, maintaining a beautiful and lush appearance over the years.

To achieve this, create a DIY mixture using tapioca flour and water. Tapioca flour, derived from the tuber of the tropical cassava plant, is a natural fertilizer containing minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and more.

To nourish the lily, dilute a tablespoon of tapioca flour in 400ml of water, stirring until a liquid mixture forms. Add more water, continue stirring, and strain the mixture into another container to eliminate any lumps.

How to care for the lily of peace

Using Tapioca Flour Fertilizer

Once the tapioca flour and water mixture is ready, use a watering can to apply it to the soil of the peace lily. This allows the plant’s roots to absorb essential nutrients, promoting healthy, beautiful, and robust growth.

Additionally, remember to water the peace lily two to three times a week. Choose a cool spot in the house that is not subject to direct sunlight for optimal placement of the plant. By incorporating this simple tapioca flour fertilizer, you can enjoy the continuous blooming and flourishing of your cherished peace lily.


Fertilizer based on tapioca flour