Lemons: An Essential Method for Year-Round Harvest and What You Need to Know

Lemon plant

This specific method eliminates the need to purchase lemons, allowing you to cultivate them successfully throughout the entire year. Follow the instructions below to grow lemons effectively and ensure a lasting supply with this straightforward approach.

Growing Lemons All Year Round:

While opportunities to grow lemons arise, not everyone can sustain their harvest for an extended period. A remarkably easy method exists to achieve a year-round crop, providing sensational results without complications.

Lemon plant


  1. Make Small Incisions: Begin by making parallel incisions on the trunk of the lemon tree. Lift and remove the external layer of wood, revealing the underlying part. Perform this intervention only on the front part of the log, leaving the back surface intact.
  2. Prepare Special Plant-Based Material: Obtain a quantity of special plant material and crush it to create a compact substance. Wrap this material around the lemon tree’s trunk, covering the exposed part without the external wood layer.
  3. Secure the Wrap: Securely close the bottom and top parts of the wrap to contain the material, avoiding spills. Use a resistant string to wrap the central part, ensuring a tight seal.


Plant pot

Continuation of the Procedure:

Leave the wrapped compound around the lemon tree trunk for approximately two months. After this period, proceed to cut the trunk below the wrapped point.

Upon opening the bag, you’ll observe the formation of plant roots in the mixture. Prepare a large plant pot, filling it with foliage and external parts covering the coconut. Cover this base with soil and insert the cut trunk.

Final Steps:

  1. Cover Roots with Soil: Cover the roots inside the wrap with soil, then apply a layer of rice bran in generous quantities, covering it with soil until reaching the pot’s edge.
  2. Watering: Water the surrounding soil generously.
  3. Trimming: Cut the branches and leaves to facilitate proper root development.

After 2.5 months, visible roots will appear at the base of the soil. Use pieces of onion for flowering development, covering the soil and onions with more soil, followed by thorough watering.

After 3.5 months from this phase, your plant will be in full bloom. After 5 months, the plant will bear green lemons that gradually turn yellow. Trim the leaves covering the lemons, and once ripe, harvest them using appropriate scissors.

This foolproof method ensures a year-round supply of a robust lemon plant bearing plentiful fruit.

Rice bran

Lemon Properties:

Having lemons readily available is advantageous due to their versatility. They can be used for cleaning, beauty care, and a healthy diet. Drinking water with lemon in the morning promotes good cholesterol and aids blood circulation. Lemons also have a purifying effect, beneficial for combating cellulite. In cooking, lemons can enhance various recipes, from cakes to scallops. The peel can also be utilized, provided the lemons are untreated with preservatives. Mastering this lemon-growing method becomes an indispensable skill.