Lemon peels, rich in beneficial properties, should never be discarded as they offer various culinary and therapeutic possibilities.

lemon and oil

Beyond their culinary applications, such as enhancing desserts or crafting liqueurs like limoncello, lemon peels can be utilized to create an ancient remedy known as oleolite.

Lemon peels in oil: an ancient remedy

Oleolite, an oil infused with the essence of lemon peels, traces its roots back to antiquity. The process involves macerating lemon peels in vegetable oil, allowing the oil to extract the beneficial compounds present in the peels. This natural remedy combines the properties of lemon with the hydrating and preservative qualities of extra virgin olive oil, which acts as a solvent for fat-soluble substances found in plants.

lemon peels

How to prepare lemon oleolite: procedure and advice

The resulting oleolite, rich in antioxidants from extra virgin olive oil and the aromatic essence of lemon, offers several benefits for the body. It can function as a tonic and stimulate venous return, making it effective for use in massages to revitalize circulation. Additionally, when applied as a massage oil on damp extremities, oleolite can enhance circulation.

To prepare lemon oleolite, follow these steps:


  • Lemon peel: 100 grams
  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVO): 100 grams


  1. Thinly slice the lemons, preserving the peels while removing the white part.
  2. Let the peels dry for about two days in the air or, preferably, in the sun.
  3. Ensure the dried lemon peels are half the amount of oil, maintaining the proportion.
  4. Sterilize a glass container and place the lemon peels inside.
  5. Pour in the oil to completely cover the peels.
  6. Shake the jar regularly to ensure the peels remain covered by the oil.
  7. Store the jar in a cool, dark place for a month.
  8. Afterward, filter the contents, discard the peels, and transfer the remaining liquid to a clean glass container.
lemon peels in oil

This homemade lemon oleolite can be used as a massage oil with various benefits, mixed with salt for a scrub, or applied around the eye contour to reduce dark circles and puffiness.