Discover the simple yet effective technique to multiply hydrangeas and enhance the beauty of your garden effortlessly. Hydrangeas, known for their vibrant colors, hold symbolic significance as a representation of love and friendship in the language of flowers. With the twig technique, you can achieve a lush garden filled with these delightful blooms.

Caring for hydrangeas

Hydrangeas contribute to a lively and graceful ambiance with their varied hues, including purples, fuchsias, reds, indigos, lilacs, and blues. To ensure a thriving presence of hydrangeas, careful considerations are essential. Optimal soil selection is crucial, favoring a composition of peat, perlite, and sand for freshness and acidity.

Hydrangeas flourish in a humid and cool environment, making them ideal for areas with limited sun exposure or shade. During watering, the use of demineralized or low-limestone content water is recommended.

Now, let’s delve into the twig technique—a natural and cost-free method for multiplying hydrangeas.


The Twig Technique: Steps to Abundant Hydrangeas

  1. Prepare the Soil:
    • Create a fertile soil mixture incorporating peat, perlite, and sand to facilitate hydrangea proliferation.
  2. Twig Selection:
    • Choose a part of the plant with one or more buds for a cutting. The cutting should be at least 10 centimeters long, featuring a base knot and minimal large leaves, with small leaves concentrated at the top.
  3. Moisten the Soil:
    • Water the substrate to ensure a sufficiently moist environment for planting.
  4. Insert the Twig:
    • Insert the cutting into the soil at a depth of at least 3 centimeters. Apply a gel rooting agent at the base of the cutting.
  5. Observation and Multiplication:
    • After a few weeks, witness the multiplication of hydrangeas as the flowers thrive. This remarkable outcome is achieved through the propagation ability of hydrangeas via cuttings taken from the shoots above.


Cultivation hydrangeas

By following these straightforward steps, you can propagate hydrangeas naturally, obtaining an abundance of flowers without incurring any costs. Embrace the twig technique and watch your garden flourish with the enchanting beauty of multiplied hydrangeas.