Pelargonium Mastery: Turning a Simple Plant into a Bush


Pelargonium, also known as geranium, stands out as a beloved ornamental plant, captivating with its vibrant colors and enchanting fragrance. It has become a cherished choice for adorning balconies and gardens, showcasing dazzling petals in hues of red, pink, purple, or white. This floral spectacle not only captures attention but also holds the potential for transformation into a flourishing pelargonium bush. Let’s explore how to care for this delightful plant and unravel the secrets to multiplying it.

Understanding Pelargonium: Originating from southern Africa, pelargonium has achieved global popularity due to its adaptability to diverse climates. With dense foliage and vibrant flowers, it has become a favored addition, infusing spaces with cheerfulness and elegance.

  1. Specific care for a pelargonium

Caring for Pelargonium: Pelargonium’s appeal is heightened by its ease of cultivation and resilience to common garden diseases. To ensure its well-being, follow these care tips:

  1. Optimal Environment: Place pelargonium in a sunny location, shielded from direct winds.
  2. Regular Watering: Water regularly, avoiding stagnation in the saucer. Allow the soil to slightly dry before watering again.
  3. Fertilization: Fertilize during the flowering season to promote healthy growth.
  4. Pruning: Trim faded flowers and prune dry or damaged parts to stimulate new growth.
How to turn it into a bush

Transforming Pelargonium into a Bush: Now, let’s delve into the techniques for multiplying pelargonium and creating a captivating bush. Several methods are available, offering flexibility based on preferences and resources.

  1. Cutting:
    • Cut a section of a healthy stem with some leaves.
    • Plant the cutting in well-drained soil, keeping it slightly moist until roots appear.
  2. Grafting:
    • Combine the shoot of one plant (rootstock) with the base of another (graft).
    • Ensure a perfect fit for successful adhesion.
  3. Division:
    • Divide tufts in spring or early summer when plants are young.
    • Gently separate tufts and plant them in another pot.
Five minutes, pelargonium in a bush

Quick Multiplication in Five Minutes: For rapid multiplication and a stunning bush, follow these steps:

  1. Branch Cuttings:
    • Choose a healthy plant and cut side twigs with at least 3-4 nodes.
    • Remove leaves from the lower half of each branch.
  2. Planting:
    • Fill a small pot with moist soil.
    • Insert cuttings, avoiding damage to upper nodes.
    • Cover the stem and stabilize without excessive compression.
  3. Sunlight and Hydration:
    • Place the new seedlings in full sunlight, avoiding intense rays.
    • Keep the plant hydrated by misting water on the upper part in shaded conditions.