Interested in enhancing the growth of your spathiphyllum? We provide some tips to make this plant thrive.


Spathiphyllum, a low-maintenance houseplant, still benefits from care and attention. Like all plants, it thrives with care and love from its caretakers. Ideally placed in partial shade, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, making it an ideal indoor plant. However, it can also be positioned outdoors, as long as it is shielded from excessively intense light and direct sunlight.

Growth of the spathiphyllum: here are the right moves to adopt

The optimal location for spathiphyllum growth is in partial shade, avoiding proximity to heat sources such as heaters or radiators. During the warm months, the plant requires more frequent watering on both the soil and leaves compared to winter. Crucially, the soil should never be allowed to become completely dry. A well-maintained spathiphyllum in a suitable location can thrive for over 15 years, reaching peaks of more than 20 years.


In this article, we share techniques to stimulate the growth of this plant and encourage abundant flowering. Here’s everything you need to know.

Stimulating Spathiphyllum Growth: Right Moves to Adopt

Spathiphyllum boasts vibrant green and robust leaves. With proper care, it can produce white flowers with an incredible fragrance. Regularly removing dust from the leaves, achieved by gently misting droplets with a water spray bottle, is the first step.

The choice of the plant’s location is crucial, and the soil should always remain consistently moist, never dry. Following these guidelines ensures a healthy spathiphyllum with abundant flowering and evergreen leaves. Flowering typically begins around six months of age.

To further enhance flowering and promote healthy growth, consider employing specific techniques. Here are some simple procedures you can quickly and easily implement.

Techniques for a Healthy Spathiphyllum with Abundant Flowers

To stimulate healthy growth, use a specific ingredient—milk. Mix approximately half a liter of water with half a liter of whole milk, then water the plant with this compound at least once a week. Milk serves as an excellent fertilizer, providing valuable organic support containing calcium, phosphorus, and essential vitamins for the spathiphyllum.

For optimal growth and flowering, consider another unique method involving onions and coffee. Mix about a liter of water with 4 or 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Similarly, mix equal amounts of water with a few onion skins. Allow both mixtures to macerate for about 24-36 hours, then combine them. Use this compound to irrigate the plant at least once a month.

Stimulate the growth of the spathiphyllum

These two methods ensure optimal growth and flowering for your spathiphyllum. With these techniques, you’ll have a healthy houseplant adorned with beautiful and fragrant white flowers.