There are various methods to propagate roses, but the water glass method stands out as the most effective and straightforward.

Receiving a stunning bouquet of roses is a delight, but the disappointment of rapid wilting can be disheartening. To avoid this, you can propagate roses easily at home by taking a cutting from purchased flowers or an existing plant. Among the different methods available, the glass of water approach is highly effective.

In addition to its well-known therapeutic properties, aloe vera also serves as an excellent fertilizer and organic rooting agent. Enhance the growth of healthy roots in rose cuttings by dipping them in aloe gel.

Propagate roses

To propagate a cut rose, begin by using shears to cut just below the flower. Measure five knots down and cut diagonally below the fifth knot for an angled incision that enhances rooting ability compared to a straight cut.

Extract aloe vera pulp by tearing a leaf from the plant, cutting both ends, and carefully slicing the center. Collect all the pulp and blend it until smooth using an immersion blender, then pour it into a glass. Dip the rose cutting into the pulp and let it rest for five days before planting it in high-quality peat moss. Save the remaining juice for use as a spray.

Another method involves pairing a rose cutting with an aloe vera cutting. Place the rose cutting directly into the aloe vera cutting and plant it in a jar with a layer of expanded clay and soil. The aloe acts as a container, preventing excess moisture absorption from the surrounding gel, promoting rooting. Keep the cutting hydrated with a water-filled spray bottle.

rich rose garden

For the third and best method, clean a twig and place it in a half-cut bottle filled with water. To add fragrance, include a few drops of essential oil in the water. After a week, the twig will begin to sprout.