Grow Your Own Cherry Tree: An Easy and Cost-Free Guide

Did you know that you can cultivate cherry trees at home without spending a penny, starting right from the remnants of the fruit? While cherries are summer’s natural delights loved by both adults and children, the idea of growing a tree might seem daunting. However, many are unaware that it’s possible to grow a cherry tree from the seed inside the fruit. Let’s explore how to do it.

If the idea of growing cherry trees at home seemed impossible, fear not! Here’s a quick and simple tutorial to get you started:

  1. Select Ripe Cherries:
    • Begin with selecting well-ripe cherries that have reached the typical dark red color. This ensures that the stone inside has fully formed.
  2. Drying Process:
    • Allow the cherry stones to air-dry for about 5 to 7 days, ensuring they are exposed to the sun if desired.
  3. Extract the Core:
    • Use pliers and a small hammer to carefully break the core, removing the external shield to access the internal core needed for rooting.
  4. Prepare a Tray:
    • Take a plastic tray with a lid and place a moistened absorbent paper at the bottom. Put the cherry stones on it, cover them with another sheet of moistened absorbent paper, and place the tray in the fridge.
  5. Germination:
    • After about 10 days, delicate shoots will emerge from the cherry stones.
  6. Planting:
    • Take a pot with a mix of universal soil and perlite. Create a small depression in the center, about 1cm deep, and place the seed inside with the new root facing the bottom of the pot. Cover it with a bit of soil and keep it in the shade.
  7. Patience Pays Off:
    • Although it takes time, with patience and care, you’ll witness your cherry tree taking root at home. It will grow strong and lush, and you’ll have achieved it completely at no cost!