The farmer’s approach to cultivating ginger, lemongrass, and garlic at home is a little-known trick that everyone should learn.

Growing ginger

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, there’s a growing desire for direct contact with the earth. Many people dream of having a small DIY garden at home, even if they don’t always possess a green thumb. This is where the farmer’s wisdom comes into play, offering an easy-to-follow method for growing ginger and lemongrass directly in your home garden and multiplying garlic for ready availability. Let’s explore this simple yet effective approach.

Growing Ginger and Lemongrass at Home with the Farmer’s Method:

For growing ginger, start with clean, ready-to-use ginger. Break it into halves and place each part in a glass bowl or glass baking dish. Add water, cover with a damp cloth, and let it sit. After a week, you’ll notice the first roots. If they’re not fully developed, repeat the process for another week. Transfer the ginger parts with roots to a pot with soil, allowing you to grow additional ginger plants indefinitely.

grow ginger

Similarly, lemongrass can be multiplied effortlessly:

  1. Cut the thin part underneath each stem with a knife.
  2. Prepare a jar of water for each stem individually.
  3. Let the water do its work, and within a few days, you’ll see the first roots.
  4. Once the roots have developed, plant the stems in soil to have a continuous supply.
grow lemongrass

Tips for Growing Garlic at Home:

The farmer’s method also covers the cultivation of garlic, working directly with whole garlic heads:

  1. Peel the garlic heads completely.
  2. Arrange containers filled with water and delicately place the garlic in them.
  3. Ensure that only the lower part is submerged for root development.
  4. Over time, you’ll observe longer white roots. When they reach the end of the container, they can be removed.
  5. Divide the garlic head clove by clove.
  6. Insert the root into the soil and wait for it to multiply.
grow garlic

Embracing the farmer’s method allows you to cultivate these kitchen essentials at home effortlessly, connecting with the earth and enjoying a fresh supply whenever needed.