Discover the natural and cost-effective technique for propagating rose branches with the assistance of bananas. This quick and easy method is accessible to everyone.

Take out the rose branches

Banana-Powered Rose Branch Propagation:

This expert-recommended trick for propagating rose branches is not only swift and budget-friendly but also enjoyable. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting, this method promises impressive results in achieving a garden adorned with fragrant and beautiful roses.

banana for roses


  1. Prepare the Rose Stem:
    • Wear gloves and use a cutter to cut the stem of a rose on two edges, keeping them separated with a small stone.
  2. Banana Application:
    • Take a ripe, organic banana and use it to extract the rose.
    • Wrap the cut banana around the two edges of the rose stem, securing it in place with a clamp without squeezing too tight.
  3. Vase Screen:
    • Utilize a broken plastic vase as a screen. Cut it and wrap it around the stem where the banana is positioned, securing everything with cable ties (not too tight).
  4. Soil Placement:
    • Pour soil into the vase and flatten it to provide optimal support for the rose branches.
  5. Support and Vertical Development:
    • Ensure the plant grows vertically by tying it to a shrub. This expert method prevents any undesirable curvature or folding during development. Results become noticeable after approximately a month.
  6. Separation and Root Development:
    • After a month, detach the pot from the shrub and cut it open with scissors.
    • The banana has transformed into highly fertile soil, and the stem splitting has produced roots, thanks to the banana’s properties.
rose branches

Repeatable Success: This method can be repeated over time, allowing the rose plant to be transferred to a suitable vase in the garden or on the terrace. Achieve a fragrant bloom in no time, all with just a few cents and the assistance of a banana.