Surprisingly, changing the color of hydrangeas is as simple as using tap water—an expert method that remains relatively unknown.

Colorful hydrangeas

Orchids captivate with their myriad colors, which can even change based on the nourishment or hydration they receive. For experts, these flowers embody the magic of nature, especially with their unique flowering patterns. If you’re wondering how to alter the color of hydrangeas, all you need is tap water.

Understanding Flower Color: pH and Soil

Hydrangea color isn’t solely determined by the plant type but also by the pH of the soil, showcasing nature’s extraordinary complexity. The soil’s acidity or basicity plays a pivotal role:

  • Acidic soil results in blue and light blue hydrangea blooms.
  • Less acidic soil leads to pink and purple flowers.
colorful hydrangeas

To change the flower color, it’s sufficient to adjust the pH of the soil, whether by repotting the plant or introducing natural elements. These gardening tricks not only contribute to the plant’s health but also offer an opportunity for delightful discoveries while ensuring the hydrangea is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Tap Water: A Simple Solution

Several tricks can alter hydrangea color, and tap water is one of them. Before exploring the impact of tap water, consider other elements:

  • Wood ash, a natural fertilizer, enhances soil acidity and imparts pink hues to hydrangea flowers when applied every three weeks from March.
  • Coffee grounds, often dismissed as waste, act as a natural fertilizer, enriching the soil with nitrogen and essential nutrients. They also increase soil acidity, turning hydrangea flowers blue.
  • Eggshells, another natural fertilizer, can alter flower color by acidifying the soil.
how to change hydrangeas color
  • One widely used expert method involves the use of tap water, especially if it is calcareous. Over time, calcareous tap water reduces soil acidity, consequently changing the color of hydrangeas. Regularly watering the plants with tap water can produce a perfect and noticeable result. It’s a simple yet effective technique employed by experts to achieve the desired bloom colors in hydrangeas.