Achieving geraniums in full bloom quickly is possible with the right watering technique. Discover the method that ensures your plants remain lush and vibrant.


Natural Care for Geraniums:

Geraniums, with their lively and colorful flowers, captivate the hearts of gardening enthusiasts. Thriving in summer, these resilient plants find homes in gardens, terraces, balconies, and even indoor environments with adequate light. Popular species include common geraniums, ivy geraniums, Pelargonium, and regal geraniums, with the latter being a favorite among novices.

Geraniums full of flowers

For optimal care, attention to factors such as light and temperature is essential. Geraniums require abundant light, albeit not direct, as excessive sunlight can harm flowers and impede the flowering process. Placing geraniums in partially shaded areas ensures adequate sunlight without overpowering intensity. In the absence of outdoor space, positioning geraniums near well-lit windows suffices.

Temperature-wise, geraniums withstand up to 30 degrees Celsius but are sensitive to cold. Protective measures like anti-freeze nets or bubble wrap become necessary during winter to shield them from freezing temperatures.

The Watering Technique for Lush Plants:

Geraniums, known for their low-maintenance nature, endure high temperatures remarkably well, but excessive cold (below -10°C) prompts withering. Despite their hardiness, achieving the spectacular flowering display geraniums are known for requires attention to watering.

Many gardening enthusiasts find success with a specific watering technique to prompt geraniums to bloom abundantly. The key is to keep the soil consistently moist, especially during warm temperatures when geraniums may need watering two or three times a day—preferably in the early morning, mid-afternoon, and after sunset.


In winter, watering frequency decreases, but it’s crucial to monitor soil moisture, ensuring it never dries out completely. The type of water used matters too, with calcium-rich water being unsuitable for geranium flowering. A simple solution involves leaving water in the watering can overnight with a layer of mud at the bottom. This creates a deposit that regulates the water’s pH, optimizing conditions for the plant.

Avoid water stagnation, as it can lead to root rot, hindering the flowering process. Also, refrain from watering the leaves to prevent the development of fungi or mold. Following these watering tips will yield a breathtaking display of blooming geraniums in no time.

Beyond watering, other considerations include ensuring adequate light without excessive exposure, potting geraniums in the right-sized containers, and selecting appropriate soil types for optimal growth. Following these guidelines, coupled with the recommended watering technique, guarantees flourishing geraniums that will leave you in awe.

Geraniums full of flowers