Would you like to maintain a thriving laurel plant on your balcony? Here are some essential tricks to follow, ensuring it remains problem-free.

Fresh laurel

Laurel is an evergreen plant with remarkable health benefits. It serves as an aromatic plant, enhancing the flavor of many recipes and providing significant advantages to our well-being. Bay leaves, derived from laurel, are commonly used to create flavorful condiments for various meat dishes and are also utilized in infusions, herbal teas, and even alcoholic products like liqueurs.

Many people often purchase bay leaves from the supermarket without realizing how convenient, practical, and simple it is to cultivate a bay plant on their home balcony or in the garden.

Having a laurel plant at home, readily available, is valuable for preparing tasty culinary recipes and offers various benefits. Laurel, when used in decoctions, infusions, or herbal teas, can alleviate various ailments and significantly improve digestion. It is known to relieve intestinal disorders and abdominal swelling, and is associated with combating aerophagia.

In this article, we aim to explore techniques for ensuring the laurel plant grows consistently healthy and abundant. Let’s discover all the details.

Tricks for Optimal Growth of the Laurel Plant on Your Balcony

Growing a laurel plant on your home balcony is a straightforward process. Let’s uncover how to nurture it to ensure it grows healthily and thrives. Laurel can be grown from seeds or by planting a newly born shoot from a shrub. For balcony cultivation, planting with seeds is recommended.


The soil for your laurel seedling should be soft and effectively drained. Contrary to belief, it does not require an abundance of organic nutrients. A universal soil rich in fertilizer and earthworm humus will suffice. Consult your trusted nursery for more information.

Choose a medium-sized pot for planting the laurel seedling, ensuring optimal root development. The pot should have drainage holes to prevent water stagnation.

Fill the pot with the described soil and place the laurel seedling inside. Now, let’s explore how to cultivate and care for the seedling over time. Here are some essential tips.

Balcony Cultivation: Best Strategies

Different plants have varying requirements for optimal growth, including soil conditions, sunlight preferences, and watering needs. The laurel plant primarily thrives in partial shade, appreciating 3 to 4 hours of sunlight daily. Ensure that it is not directly exposed to intense sunlight for prolonged periods.

Choose a balcony location that is illuminated but not directly hit by the sun’s rays for an extended duration. This provides an ideal environment for your laurel plant.

Regarding irrigation, avoid overwatering the seedling. Only water when the soil is notably dry, preferably during the cooler parts of the day – either early morning or late afternoon.


Laurel seedling

For your culinary needs, you can harvest leaves from your plant. Use clean scissors to cut entire branches rather than individual leaves to promote continuous growth and the development of new branches.