Geraniums stand out as one of Italy’s most prevalent flowers, often gracing gardens and terraces with their vibrant colors and beauty, enhancing the elegance and warmth of their surroundings. Maintaining the health and vitality of geraniums requires care and attention, and adhering to certain practices can ensure impeccable flowering. 

Healthy and thriving geranium

If your geraniums appear lackluster and unhealthy, there might be room for improvement. Today, we unveil an effective method known to few that can transform these flowers into lush and healthy specimens—let’s explore this remarkable trick.

Comprehensive Geranium Care: All the Details

To ensure your geraniums remain impeccable, daily monitoring is essential. If you spot dead leaves or withered flowers, promptly remove them using garden shears to prevent unnecessary energy depletion in the plant.

Additionally, consider repotting the geranium every year into a slightly larger pot, opting for clayey soil, preferably formulated for this flower type.

Prune geraniums

Proper irrigation is crucial. Water your geraniums with warm water, maintaining consistent moisture in the soil, especially during the summer months. In winter, exercise caution to prevent frost damage. Avoid wetting the leaves during watering.

Failure to bloom in geraniums often signals an issue. Ensure the plant is positioned in a sunlit area, as adequate brightness is essential.

Pruning is a routine task; conduct it at the beginning of spring, eliminating dry and withered stems. However, there’s a lesser-known trick to foster impeccable and healthy geranium growth involving a specific ingredient—corn starch.

Corn Starch in Geraniums: The Foolproof Trick

While commonly used in cooking, cornstarch proves remarkably useful in gardening, particularly for geraniums susceptible to parasites. A spoonful of cornstarch placed in the soil acts as an effective deterrent against various pests.

Colorful geraniums

This natural, cost-effective remedy is gentle on the plant, with its scent and properties serving to repel parasites without causing harm. Moreover, cornstarch promotes root development, improves soil quality, and restores moisture. In a short time, you’ll witness the results as your geraniums regain health, showcasing vibrant and lively colors, finally coming back to life.