Eliminate Garden Bedbugs Naturally with This Simple Recipe

The trick to say goodbye to bedbugs in the garden

Bid farewell to garden bedbugs permanently without resorting to chemical insecticides! Discover an effective natural recipe using just two readily available ingredients.

Protecting Your Plants from Green Bedbugs

Green bedbugs, despite being relatively harmless to humans, pose a significant threat to plants, causing potential irreparable damage. These small, green insects not only feed on plant sap but also act as carriers of bacteria and viruses, contributing to severe plant diseases. The Nezara Viridule, as they are scientifically known, can be challenging to detect due to their camouflaging amid foliage and flat, flattened bodies.

When it comes to garden plants, these bedbugs become pests, requiring intervention to avoid harm. While chemical insecticides are commonly used, we present a natural remedy that is simple and effective, involving only two ingredients.

The Natural Recipe to Say Goodbye to Garden Bedbugs

When bedbugs become a menace to your plants, it’s crucial to address the issue with a natural and eco-friendly approach. This recipe requires only two ingredients: baking powder and water.

Bedbug on plant


  1. Pour a sachet of baking powder into a liter of water.
  2. Allow the reaction between the baking powder and water to complete.
  3. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle, ensuring the baking powder is fully dissolved in water.
  4. Spray the mixture on the leaves and soil of the affected plants.

This natural insecticide, created using baking powder and water, will effectively drive away bedbugs from your garden. The yeast’s natural properties stun the bedbugs, preventing their return and safeguarding your plants from further harm.

Baking powder to get rid of bedbugs

Yeast is not the sole solution to combat bedbugs; various ecological remedies can contribute to a bedbug-free garden. For instance, a garlic-based insecticide can be created by blending a clove in a liter of boiling water, allowing it to macerate for a week, and then straining the solution into a spray. Similarly, diatomaceous earth, available in garden stores, can be used in small quantities to combat bedbug infestations naturally.

Other remedies to drive bedbugs away from the garden

Additionally, bedbugs dislike strong odors, making solutions with rosemary, basil, or sage effective repellents. By implementing these natural bioinsecticides, you can bid farewell to bedbugs in your garden permanently. In case of an infestation, don’t forget to trim affected leaves and clean the soil from rotting organic matter to ensure the well-being of your plants.