This organic method, which is incredibly simple to implement, will free your garden from the nuisance of ants.

Half a bottle

The arrival of the beautiful season heralds many positive changes but also presents some challenges. Homeowners are well aware that the return of sun and heat brings with it a resurgence of insects in indoor spaces. From May to September, mosquitoes, flies, bees, and, on pleasant days, ants make their presence felt in homes, searching for food and a comfortable spot for their colonies. Ants can easily invade gardens and homes, prompting many to take action for their elimination.

Bid farewell to ants with this straightforward biological method that guarantees effectiveness.

While many turn to chemical products available on the market, it is advisable to explore alternative, biological solutions. For instance, to deter ants from fruit trees, a simple solution is to sprinkle wood ash in the affected area.


Wood ash contains beneficial substances such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, promoting strong and lush plant growth. Moreover, applying cold wood ash strategically around fruit trees creates an insurmountable barrier, compelling ants to stay away.

Following this, the elimination of ants involves a highly effective mixture comprising baking soda, icing sugar, and water.

Begin by taking a plastic bottle and cutting off the bottom to create a makeshift container. Add 5 teaspoons each of baking soda and icing sugar inside. This combination proves ideal for combating ants, as icing sugar attracts them, while baking soda exterminates the anthill.

Once the powdered sugar and baking soda are thoroughly mixed, add a bit of water to create an even more potent mixture. Place the container with this solution in the garden, next to the anthill. Prior to placement, it’s advisable to create a few small holes in the bottle’s bottom to facilitate ant entry.


After ensuring the mixture is homogeneous, proceed with the final step. Position the container next to the anthill to attract the ants.

Within a short time, the insects will start entering the bottom of the bottle, reaching the mixture and transporting it into the anthill. This ingenious mix ensures the demise of the queen mother, effectively eliminating the ant colony.