Continuous Bloom: Ensuring Year-Round Blossoms for Your Geraniums

Flowering method geraniums

For those eager to witness the vibrant blooms of geraniums throughout the year, there’s a method that not everyone is aware of, yet it proves remarkably effective. If you wish to elevate your geranium care routine, follow these steps promptly.

Geraniums, with their charming presence on balconies, offer bursts of color and joy. Despite being resilient, these flowers require a touch of care. Remarkably, they are not voracious water consumers, thriving in temperatures ranging from 15 to 25°C. However, during the scorching summer, a bit of shade is preferable, with the specific sunlight tolerance depending on the geranium species.


To nurture a healthy and thriving geranium, fertilizer becomes a vital component. Today, we unveil a lesser-known method to keep your geraniums in perpetual bloom. Discover the details in the following section.

Blooming Geraniums: A Single Drop

To ensure your geraniums bloom consistently, introducing iodine into their care routine is the key. Iodine, a vital nutrient for plants, fosters robust development and disease resistance. Here’s a simple method to integrate it:

  1. Prepare Iodine Solution:
    • Take 1 liter of water and add 1 drop of iodine. Ensure you maintain the correct proportion to prevent overuse. Stir the solution thoroughly until it achieves near-transparency.
  2. Avoid Overuse:
    • If you suspect excess iodine, dilute the solution with a bit more water. The color should remain almost transparent.
  3. Careful Watering:
    • Water each geranium with approximately 50 to 100 ml of the iodine solution. Place the pot near the outer walls during watering to prevent direct root contact.
  4. Monthly Application:
    • Administer this iodine solution once a month. Strictly adhere to the recommended doses to avoid root damage.
Iodine solution in geraniums

This method, although not widely known, proves effective in promoting continuous blooms. Understanding the significance of iodine for plants sheds light on why it plays a crucial role.

The Importance of Iodine for Plants:

Iodine, often associated with human health, holds equal importance for plants. Its role in photosynthesis and flowering is indispensable. When applied to geraniums, iodine enhances seed production and overall biomass. Comparable to iron and magnesium, iodine is a vital component for optimal plant health.

For this method, acquire pure liquid iodine, readily available in herbal medicine or online. By incorporating this iodine solution into your geranium care routine, you can witness not only consistent blooms but also the overall health and vitality of your cherished plants.