Unlock the Benefits of Geraniums: Multiplying Health and Beauty at Zero Cost

During the summer, geranium plants grace numerous balconies and courtyards, casting vibrant colors that unmistakably herald the arrival of the season. While their aesthetic appeal is widely appreciated, the remarkable properties of this plant and its flowers often go unnoticed. Geraniums, it turns out, offer a host of health benefits, making them more than just ornamental additions.

Here are some health benefits associated with geraniums:

  1. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Geraniums have stress-relieving properties, promoting a sense of calm and alleviating anxiety.
  2. Combatting Fluid Retention: Effective in counteracting fluid retention, geraniums contribute to maintaining a balanced fluid level in the body.
  3. Muscle Pain and Circulatory Problems: Geraniums prove useful in addressing muscle pain and circulatory issues, offering natural relief.
  4. Healing Action: The plant exhibits significant healing properties, aiding in the recovery process for various ailments.
  5. Eczema and Stretch Marks: Geraniums are beneficial in combating skin issues like eczema and stretch marks.
  6. Emollient and Decongestant: With emollient and decongestant functions, geraniums are employed to soothe sunburned skin.

     Acne Fighter: The plant is known for its acne-fighting properties, contributing to clearer and healthier skin.

Now, if you wish to surround yourself with an abundance of geranium plants, you can utilize the twig trick to multiply them at zero cost. Here’s how:

  1. Materials Needed:
    • A mature geranium
    • Small plastic pots
    • Sand
    • Knife or scissors
    • Seedbed substrate
    • Rooting hormone (optional)

  1. Procedure:
    • Select healthy, thick twigs from the existing geranium.
    • Cut the chosen branch just below the second armpit.
    • Remove leaves from the lower half of the cut.
    • Cut the stem below the first node, concentrating the rooting hormones.
    • Optionally, apply rooting powder to the base of the cutting for enhanced root formation.


Use a mixture of seedling substrate and sand in the pot.

Insert two or three cuttings into the pot.

Water generously and place it in a bright location.

Avoid covering the cuttings with plastic to prevent mold formation.

After 6-8 weeks, transplant the cuttings into another pot with normal soil.

By following this straightforward method, you can propagate geraniums indefinitely, ensuring a continuous supply of these wonderful plants.