Discover the simple steps to ensure a constant supply of fresh garlic, ready to enhance the flavors of your dishes and contribute to your well-being.


Italian cuisine, renowned worldwide for its delectable recipes crafted from high-quality, fresh ingredients, relies heavily on spices and condiments to impart taste, flavor, and uniqueness to its dishes. Among the indispensable elements in the kitchen is garlic, not only a key component in various recipes but also hailed for its numerous health benefits. With allicin conferring natural antibiotic properties, garlic strengthens the immune system and boasts essential minerals like zinc, manganese, iodine, iron, and magnesium.

Given its versatility for both culinary and health purposes, cultivating garlic at home is a wise and gratifying endeavor. Whether you have a garden or not, here’s a guide to growing garlic for a readily available supply.

How to Cultivate Garlic in the Garden

If you reside in the countryside or own a piece of land, creating a small garlic plantation ensures a convenient and perennial supply. Choose autumn as the ideal season for planting to facilitate harvesting in the summer. Acquire garlic bulbs for planting from specialized plant shops, ensuring they are inserted into the ground with the tips facing upwards. Regular but moderate watering throughout the year contributes to a successful harvest.


Indoor Garlic Plantation

For those without outdoor space, cultivating garlic indoors is entirely feasible with minimal requirements. Gather a container (a yogurt or margarine jar is sufficient), some soil, and garlic cloves. Add drainage holes to the container, place it on a saucer, and introduce approximately half an inch of soil. Plant whole garlic cloves into the soil, ensuring the tips face upwards, without removing the skin. Cover the cloves with another two and a half centimeters of soil.

Home planting

Maintain your indoor garlic plantation by placing it in a sunny spot, watering it regularly, and periodically removing any flowers that may appear. This attentive care preserves the distinct flavor of the garlic. As leaves emerge over time, indicating successful growth, anticipate enjoying the fruits of your labor from the subsequent summer onward.

Embark on the gratifying journey of growing garlic at home, ensuring a continuous supply of this essential ingredient for your culinary creations and holistic well-being.