Fresh flowers that stay beautiful for 30 days: uncover the florists’ secret to achieving this longevity. Discover the nurseryman’s expert trick.

Fresh flowers

When we bring home fresh flowers, a common challenge is preventing them from wilting too soon. Florists possess exclusive knowledge and techniques to preserve the freshness of flowers, ensuring they last longer than expected.

How can you maintain the freshness of newly bought flowers? There are certain rules to follow that extend the lifespan of flowers. With proper care from a nurseryman or florist, you can avoid premature wilting of your fresh flower bouquet. Let’s explore the methods to prolong the freshness of flowers.

Keeping Fresh Flowers Longer: Care Tips

Upon purchasing fresh flowers, it’s crucial to place them immediately in a clean vase with a bit of fresh water, ensuring the stems are wet halfway. Cut the stem transversely about three centimeters from the bottom to enhance water absorption. If the flower has only one bud, cut it only when the bud is fully open. While arranging the flowers, it’s advisable not to submerge the greenery in water. Remove the leaves to prevent the stems from rotting.

Regularly change the water in the vase every 48 hours to prevent putrefaction. Florists recommend using lukewarm water, never too cold or too hot. To provide proper nourishment, add a teaspoon of sugar to the water. Always remove dried leaves and flowers, and cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to enhance water absorption.

fresh flowers

Place the vase in a cool environment, avoiding proximity to heat sources that can accelerate wilting. Florists suggest placing the vase outdoors, on a balcony, to benefit from natural air and sunlight.

Maintaining Fresh Flowers with Natural Remedies:

fresh flowers

Natural remedies contribute to the maintenance of fresh cut flowers. Use half an Aspirin tablet, ensuring only half is dissolved in water, as a whole tablet may contribute to stem and greenery drying. To reduce bacterial growth inside the jar, add two drops of wine vinegar and a bit of lemon juice without overdoing it.

During each water change, clean the vase’s sides with a sponge moistened with a little baking soda and lemon to minimize bacteria formation on the walls. A good leaf preservative involves a solution based on lemon juice and sugar.

Garden with fresh flowers

By applying these simple gardener tricks, you’ll keep your flowers fresh and vibrant for an extended period, as if they were just purchased or received.