Do you want to have orchids that are always healthy and very lush? All you have to do is follow the advice we provide in this article.

Move for lush orchids

Orchids are commonly cultivated plants, favored for their ease of care. Many people choose to have at least one orchid in their apartment, as it flourishes indoors and away from direct sunlight.

While there is no ideal positioning for orchids in the house, it’s crucial to keep them away from heat sources, especially radiators, and place them in a fairly bright area. Areas near windows could be suitable for optimal orchid growth, provided they are shielded from direct sunlight.

Maintaining an ideal temperature is vital for orchids, with a recommended range between 18°C and 22°C. This temperature range is typically present inside homes, except during very hot months when a cooler area is advisable, ensuring light is still available.

To prevent direct sunlight exposure, it’s advisable to position the orchid in a corner of the house facing southwest or southeast.

With these considerations for the best location and temperature for your orchid, let’s explore some excellent tips to ensure its continuous lushness and health.


Key Moves for Orchid Health

Excessive heat can lead to irreversible drying of orchid roots. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep orchids away from intense heat sources such as direct sunlight or heat pumps inside the house.

Orchids, renowned for their beauty, require specific care to achieve flawless flowering. Orchids are considered ideal houseplants as they prefer indoor environments. They thrive in moderately cool temperatures, suffering below 15°C.

Flowering typically occurs in spring when temperatures rise. To promote lush flowering, ensure the plant receives ample humidity while avoiding water stagnation. Use well-draining soil composed of pine bark.

During colder months, orchids require less frequent watering (approximately once every 7-10 days). In hotter months, more frequent watering is necessary. Orchids require special watering; immerse the pot in a sink and wet the pine bark for a few minutes, ensuring effective water absorption.

Lush orchids

Now, let’s explore additional tricks to ensure outstanding flowering for your orchid.

Achieving Lush Orchids: Further Steps

Consistent and frequent fertilization is a key strategy for ensuring excellent and lush flowering. Orchids benefit from specific nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, which can be provided through liquid fertilizers, especially during spring.

For those with time and a green thumb, placing orchids in various locations within the home (ensuring they are shielded from direct sunlight) can be beneficial. While orchids typically adapt well to indoor environments, occasional changes in temperature during the day can enhance their strength and vigor.