A Comprehensive Guide to Orchid Care for Extended Blooms


The orchid, a captivating and delicate plant, enhances our living spaces with vibrant colors and unique beauty. While native to equatorial climates, orchids have adeptly adapted to varying temperatures, thriving in our homes with proper care. Belonging to the Orchidaceae family, these flowers showcase diverse species, some cultivated, and others found in natural habitats.

Most orchids are epiphytic plants, featuring aerial roots that enable them to flourish on tree trunks or rocks, extracting essential water and nutrients. However, orchids commonly cultivated in our homes possess roots buried in soil.

Whether receiving an orchid as a gift or purchasing one, understanding key principles is crucial to ensure its longevity and continuous blooms.

Optimal Conditions for Orchids:

Light and Location:

  • Orchids thrive in bright, indirect light, replicating their tropical origins.
  • Ideal positions within the home include areas facing south or east, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Inadequate light is a primary factor leading to orchid withering.


  • Maintain temperatures between 23 – 24°C as a maximum and 16 – 17°C as a minimum.
  • Orchids flourish when provided with a suitable temperature range.


  • Orchids appreciate high humidity levels, ideally around 70%.
  • Place orchids in bathrooms or kitchens, utilizing a saucer filled with expanded clay or gravel to enhance humidity.
  • Periodic misting with demineralized or rainwater, especially in the morning, adds to their humidity requirements.


Watering Guidelines:


  • Water orchids sparingly, approximately once a week in winter and 2-3 times in summer.
  • Watering frequency may vary based on soil dryness.
  • Only water when the soil is dry to prevent root rot.


  • Water orchids in the morning to allow excess moisture to evaporate during the day.
  • Exercise caution regarding water stagnation, as it may lead to root rot and jeopardize the orchid’s health.

By adhering to these care tips, orchid enthusiasts can relish prolonged blooms and witness the enduring beauty of their cherished plants for years to come.