The Nurseryman’s Trick for Healthy Plants: Harnessing the Power of Food Waste


In our homes, we often seek elements of decor that add vibrancy, contrast, or seamlessly blend with our chosen style. A popular choice is to introduce various plants and flowers into our living spaces—be it the living room, kitchen, or preferred room—to infuse life and warmth.

Plants: here is the ingredient that makes them grow robustly

Plants are not just aesthetically pleasing; they play a crucial role in maintaining a healthier indoor environment. Through chlorophyll photosynthesis, they facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, contributing to cleaner air. Succulent plants, in particular, absorb excess condensation, acting as a natural deterrent against mold formation on furniture and walls.

Plants: the ingredient to make them grow strong and robust

Moreover, plants serve as vital components of the ecosystem, providing a safe haven for insects, especially pollinators seeking dewdrops and pollen. While we might occasionally shoo them away, these insects are essential for the planet’s health, ensuring the pollination process and the continuation of life.

The nurserymen’s secret

For those seeking the secrets of nurserymen to cultivate robust, flourishing plants, the key lies in an unexpected source—food waste, specifically dried fruit and nuts. By cleaning and boiling the shells of these items, a nutrient-rich liquid is obtained. This liquid, when transferred to a spray bottle and applied to the leaves and branches of plants, not only imparts a healthy shine but also deters dust formation.

Plants: the ingredient to make them grow strong and robust

To further enhance the development of abundant roots and flowers, plant the cleaned shells in the soil and water them with the liquid obtained from the boiling process. Witness the spontaneous and robust growth of your plants, thriving against adverse conditions, thanks to this ingenious use of food waste. Day by day, you’ll marvel at the luxuriant growth of your plants, a testament to the magic hidden in simple kitchen remnants.