A valuable ingredient that need never be discarded again proves to be a treasure for both indoor and garden plants, ensuring robust growth for years.

Ingredient for plants

Amidst the commonplace waste in our world and the environmental plea for assistance, certain ingredients serve as natural fertilizers, including discarded fruit and vegetable peels. Among these, a summer delicacy frequently gracing Italian tables transforms into an outstanding ally for plant nutrition.

Here’s how to create this exceptional natural fertilizer using melon peels:


  • Melon peel
  • Water

Melon peel stands out as an exceptional natural element, enriched with water, vitamins, and natural mineral salts—all contributing to the enhanced beauty and strength of both garden and indoor plants.

After enjoying the juicy pulp, instead of discarding the peel, finely chop it into small pieces. Place the pieces in a container, add water, cover with a plate, and let it macerate for a day.

Following the maceration process, filter the created foam to obtain a nutritious natural fertilizer for plants. This can be applied weekly, directly poured onto the soil. It not only nourishes and hydrates the plants but also provides protection and aids in fending off potential parasite attacks.

Fertilizer for plants

First of all you eat the pulp and then, instead of throwing away the peel, you cut it into many small pieces. Place it inside a container and then pour some water. Cover with a plate and leave to macerate for an internal day.

Immediately afterwards, the foam that has been created is filtered, so as to obtain an excellent and nutritious natural fertilizer for the plants. This can be used once a week, pouring it directly onto the earth: it nourishes, hydrates, protects and also offers a little help to counteract the attack of parasites.

Properties of Melon Peel:

Experienced gardeners recommend using melon peels as fertilizer for various plants, as their properties nourish and ensure the essential nutrients for perpetual flourishing.

Fruit peels, in general, serve as a perfect ingredient for crafting natural fertilizers. Laden with potassium and vitamins, they contribute to healthy and flawless blooming. These peels can be transformed into liquid form, buried in pieces, or blended directly.

The unique set of properties and benefits of melon peels are promptly embraced by plants. In this method, creating a soft foam is emphasized. However, the melon slice can also be blended into a smoothie, complemented by a banana peel to enhance the potassium content.

Melon peel ingredient

Moreover, placing melon pieces directly into the soil allows their properties to naturally infuse into the surroundings. In essence, this delectable summer fruit doubles as a natural savior, fostering the endless growth and blossoming of plants.