Achieving year-round blooming and sprouting for orchids is made quick and easy with this foolproof method—an essential technique for ensuring the health and elegance that defines these plants. 

Orchid buds

Seasoned nurserymen consistently recommend natural methods, utilizing ingredients as fertilizers and for overall care. This method also serves as an additional tool for orchid multiplication without the need for additional purchases. Surprisingly, it’s simpler than it might seem; just follow these steps.

Orchid Care Essentials

Orchids, with their innate elegance, can enhance any environment, providing a touch of originality and sophistication with their vibrant colors. Originating from tropical regions, they thrive in warm and humid settings but detest cold temperatures. The ideal temperature range for orchids is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. The distinctive feature of these plants lies in their aerial roots, which, though unique, require delicate care to absorb essential nutrients.

lush orchid

Whether gracing homes or offices as gifts or personal acquisitions, orchids, known for their beauty, demand considerable attention. Gardeners stress the importance of placing them on a windowsill, ensuring proximity to a light source without direct sun exposure. Regular nourishment and ample watering, especially during the warmer seasons, are crucial. The soil should never be allowed to dry out completely and should facilitate efficient water drainage to prevent root rot, which could lead to the demise of the plant.

Method for Year-Round Orchid Health

The expert-endorsed method for ensuring a thriving, beautiful, and healthy orchid year-round involves the use of two key ingredients: garlic and onion.

Combining these two ingredients creates an excellent fertilizer and potent nutrient for the plant. Simply blend a head of garlic and an onion, including the peel, or alternatively, boil the ingredients and filter the resulting juice. Either way, this nourishes the orchid’s soil thoroughly, promoting its beauty.

Garlic cloves in the orchid

Some nurserymen even suggest taking a plant cutting, sealing its base with a lighter, and placing it in water. Simultaneously, prepare soil enriched with a crushed garlic clove and an onion. Plant the cutting in this nourished soil to foster the growth of a new plant.

While this method is employed by many experts, it’s always advisable to seek advice before attempting it to ensure the creation of a beautiful, healthy, and robust orchid.